Fall/Winter Timetable


Undergraduate Course Code: LAW263H1F

Labour and Employment Law


This course surveys the legal regimes that regulate the work relationship, a system that includes the common law, statutory regulation and collective bargaining law. In addition to covering the basic principles of each of these legal regimes, the course is intended to critically compare the manner and the extent to which each addresses issues such as employment security, workers’ collective interests, and individual rights. The course will also consider the relationship between domestic regulation and global economic integration and the role of legal regulation in respect of both productivity and equity in the new economy.

Specific topics to be covered include the common law contract of employment, including wrongful dismissal; the legislation and administration of employment standards; other forms of statutory regulation such as human rights legislation; and the law of collective bargaining, including certification, unfair labour practices, bargaining, industrial conflict and the administration of the collective agreement.

LIMITED ENROLMENT: Priority is given to students in the MAIR and MAIR/JD program.

Format and Requirements

Will be by written 2-hour open book examination (one half of final mark) and one essay (2500 to 3000 words - one half of final mark) written during the term and handed in on or before the last day of the examination period.