Fall/Winter Timetable

POL2391H1S L0101

Undergraduate Course Code: POL410H1S L0101

Topics in Comparative Politics III

Rethinking Development: Revenue, Conflict, Aid and the Challenge of State Building


This course explores the political foundations of effective developmental states in Asia, Latin America and, particularly, Africa. Drawing on contemporary case studies it highlights the centrality of revenue, conflict and the international system in shaping the nature and capacity of thestate and the priorities and accountability of governments. By focusing on state-society relations and the political foundations of effective states, rather than specific economic and political institutions, this course reconsiders the nature of the development challenge, and the role of foreign aid in contemporary state building.

Format and Requirements

Students are expected to participate actively in discussions, to make one in-class presentation, to submit two brief critical reviews of weekly readings and to submit a major research paper. Participation and the presentation are worth 30%, the critical reviews are worth 20% and the major research paper is worth 50%.