Fall/Winter Timetable

POL2205Y1Y L5101

Undergraduate Course Code: POL486Y1Y L5101

Topics in International Politics I

The Changing Face of Armed Conflict: From Interstate War to Asymmetric Warfare


This advanced research seminar explores the implications of the changing nature of international armed conflict around the world. Starting with an introduction of existing analytical frameworks and stylized models of war the seminar moves on to investigate whether these extant theories require an update or change: Do we have good analytical tools for understanding the dynamics of contemporary conflicts? Is there something new about those conflicts? Can we learn from history? In particular, the seminar will focus on the growing literature on asymmetric warfare. This is not a seminar on military tactics or on specific conflicts but rather a theoretical examination of current trends. Students will be expected to cover relatively extensive reading (mostly theoretical) and to produce an original research paper. Some familiarity with international relations theory is highly recommended.