Fall/Winter Timetable

JPF2430Y1Y L0101

Undergraduate Course Code: JPF455Y1Y L0101



The course seeks to improve knowledge on disciplinary and developmental boundaries as they relate to cities. By bringing together guest lecturers from related disciplines who focus on cities in their work, be it within Political Science, History, Philosophy, Literature, Design, Environment and Health, Geography or Social Work, the course will explore an emerging set of issues which fall within critical interdisciplinary spaces, including cities and global change; cities and the environment; economic adjustment, state reform and city politics; cities and citizenship; cities and community development; cities and economic development; and, physical form, territory and the political-economy of cities.


Readings are detailed in a reading list distributed in class.

Format and Requirements

A mixed graduate/senior undergraduate course. Two-hour seminars. Course work consists of two research papers and participation in the seminars.