Fall/Winter Timetable

POL2234H1F L0101

Undergraduate Course Code: PPG2234H1F L0101

Globalization, Internationalization, and Public Policy


This course examines how developments associated with the internationalization of domestic politics (owing to the enhanced authority of international institutions and the mobilization of transnational networks), and economic globalization via regional and global market opening and integration shape the agendas of domestic policy making, the content of domestic policies, and domestic modes of governing. The literature surveyed probes the effects of globalization on state authority, the mediating role of domestic structures on economic globalization and political internationalization, new sources of non-state political authority, and the role of policy transfer and diffusion processes in cross-polity policy convergence.

Readings are applicable to industrialized countries and do not address the effects of globalization or internationalization on the global south.


Readings are drawn from journals and edited collections. Articles in journal articles can be accessed via Robarts library. Copies of book chapters are available from the instructor. A packet of all required readings is at the Reception, Political Science, and can be borrowed for photocopying purposes.

Format and Requirements

Seminar Participation: 25%; and the option of three short analytical papers each worth 25% or one research Paper (8,000-10,000) worth 75% due one week after the last class.