Fall/Winter Timetable

POL2207H1F L0101

Undergraduate Course Code: POL466H1F L0101

Topics in International Politics III

Mobilization of People for Armed Conflict


To succeed in mobilizing a combat force, a (non-state) armed group must acquire people, weapons, and the ability to command its fighters. The first of these three requirements – the mobilization of people for armed conflict – is one of the most fascinating issues in the IR literature on conflict studies, as well as in anthropology, psychology and history. Why would some people risk their lives and join (para-) military organizations whereas others would not? Why some armed groups attract large numbers of people while others scramble for recruits? Similarly, why some insurgencies use ideological incentives to mobilize people but others resort to material rewards? This course will first examine theories of recruitment and organization in the context of military struggle. We will then look at the existing macro and micro empirical evidence (case studies, cross-country and cross-group analysis, as well as surveys of ex-combatants) that supports or undermines existing theoretical claims.

LIMITED ENROLMENT: Priority is given to students in the MAIR and MAIR/JD program

Format and Requirements

Projects (30%), participation (30%), paper (40%)