Fall/Winter Timetable

JPJ2049H1F L0101

Undergraduate Course Code: LAW301H1F L0101

Women's Rights in International Law


This course addresses the challenges of achieving substantive equality under transnational human rights law, especially through the elimination of discriminatory gender stereotyping. It examines how the norm of the prohibition of all forms of discrimination against women has been applied in different sectors, including employment, education, family relations, and how it might be more effectively applied, particularly to subgroups of women such as those marginalized by race and ethnicity. It explores how the social sciences, particularly the psychology literature, might be used to expose women's experiences of injustice. The course aims to go beyond a formalistic understanding of legal obligations in order to examine different approaches to achieving substantive equality under different legal regimes.

LIMITED ENROLMENT: Priority is given to students in the MAIR and MAIR/JD program.

Format and Requirements

80% written work in the form of four short papers (1,563-1,875 words each, which is about 6-7 pages at about 250 words a page) analyzing the reading materials assigned for class and handed in prior to the class in which the particular materials are to be discussed. A limited number of students may arrange with the professor to write a SUYRP in the course. If a student completes the SUYRP, that paper will constitute 80% of the grade and will replace the four short papers. All students will be evaluated on 20% class participation, which will be measured by regular attendance with reflective input into class discussion, including on-call days when students will discuss their short papers, or if completing the SUYRP, will introduce one of the reading materials assigned for the class.