Fall/Winter Timetable

JPJ2048H1F L0101

Undergraduate Course Code: LAW294H1F L0101

International Human Rights Law


This course is an introduction to the field and examines the extent to which international and regional human rights systems serve as effective vehicles for the protection of human rights. It explores the development of international human rights and the nature of state responsibility for their protection. Through the lens of current issues in human rights (e.g. torture, religion and culture, water), the course will examine the possibilities and challenges faced by individuals,
civil society and states in preventing, punishing and remedying human rights violations. The course will also analyze the domestic application of international human rights in Canada.

LIMITED ENROLMENT: Students in the MAIR and MAIR/JD program.

Format and Requirements

A research paper (6,250 to 7,500 words) on a subject approved by the instructor (80%) and class participation (20%). Class participation includes attendance and input into the discussion both in class and on blackboard.