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POL2110H1S L0101

Undergraduate Course Code: POL423H1S L0101

The Politics of Public Monies


Budgeting is a central task of a political system and shapes the macro-economy. Given this importance, the course provides an overview of the politics of public monies. The course starts with a general understanding on the process of budgeting and then evaluates competing theories of the politics of public monies. Theoretically, it concentrates on the role of individual decision-making, political interests, as well as institutional and economic constraints. Substantively, this course focuses more attention on the expenditure aspect of budgeting but also touch on the principles of revenue-raising. Readings cover the national and sub-national level of government in the developed and developing world. This course has two aims. First, it provides students with knowledge about how budgeting works and how politics shapes budgetary outcomes. Second, it enables students to engage in this subject successfully and stimulatingly.


POL 242Y