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POL2411H1S L0101

Undergraduate Course Code: POL441H1S L0101

Topics in Asian Politics

Democracy, Ethnicity and Conflict in South Asia


This course focuses on questions of long term effects of colonialism, state formation, democracy, ethnicity and insurgency in South Asia. South Asia is home to a quarter of the world’s population, and the largest number of its poor. It is also the region which is home to a large number of insurgencies, some of which are among the longest in the world, like the Naga insurgency in India, and the recently concluded LTTE insurgency in Sri Lanka. The region has seen a large variation in terms of democratic experience, with India being able to continue on its path of electoral democracy along with Sri Lanka, while other countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh often succumbing to military dictatorships and then swinging back to democratic politics. The course will introduce the broader themes in comparative politics, and the debates on these issues like democratization, insurgency, social movements, and political parties will provide the context within which to examine and make sense of the experiences of countries in South Asia.



Format and Requirements

This is a seminar and there will be emphasis on class discussion participation, Each student will make a powerpoint presentation on the topics each week. Students will have to write a short memo on a documentary, and a 4th year research paper on a topic of their interest related to South Asian politics.

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