Fall/Winter Timetable

POL2505H1S L0101

Qualitative Methods in Political Research


This course surveys qualitative methods used in political science research. After briefly reviewing key issues in the philosophy of science, as well as elements of research design and concept formation, the course covers the practical uses of specific qualitative methods, including case studies, comparative historical analysis, archival research, interviewing, participant observation, ethnography, and mixed-method strategies.
The course will also require students to develop a research proposal similar to the dissertation prospectus. Students will submit an initial version of their research questions and proposals in the third week, and then keep developing it using the different techniques learned. This will help students to be on track toward submitting the prospectus in the third year.



Format and Requirements

Active participation in seminar discussions, close readings of assigned texts, in-class presentations, analytic papers, and hands-on assignments using qualitative methods.


It is recommended that students have done the core course in one of the subfields, and are aware of basic methodological approaches

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