Fall/Winter Timetable

POL2322H1S L0201

Undergraduate Course Code: POL443H1S L0201

Topics in Comparative Politics II

The Foundations of Political Economy: Theories of State and Market


This advanced seminar explores the core social science theories looking at the relationship among state, economy, and society. The course requires close reading of texts, spanning from the foundational works of political economy to paradigmatic contemporary works in Liberalism, Marxism, Neo-Classical Economics, Socio-Political Thought, and Institutionalism. We will examine the fundamental assumptions on which our understanding of the social world and contemporary research in political economy are based, and their application to the most urgent questions of our time, such as inequality and the role of the state in industrial development. Participants in the seminar are required to do all required reading before weekly class meetings, to lead one or two class discussions, and to complete rigorous essay assignments.



Format and Requirements

Please note: This 4th year joint undergraduate/graduate seminar is primarily a graduate research-oriented course. Only 4th year undergraduates with high GPAs and a strong interest in research should consider registering for it.