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JRA2391H1S L0101

Undergraduate Course Code: JRA402H1S L0101

Topics in Comparative Politics VI

The Politics of Immigration in Europe and North America


Immigration and citizenship raise fundamental normative and empirical concerns. In the former, there are questions about how open or closed the liberal democratic state’s borders should be; about whether the state has any defensible right to control immigration at all; about who should be entitled to national citizenship and under what circumstances; and about liberal democracy’s obligations to those seeking asylum. In the latter, immigration and citizenship have been at the centre of North American and European politics for three decades. The course will examine immigration, citizenship and asylum policy in Europe and North America. It will focus on the different strands of migration (economic, family, humanitarian), how the main receiving countries use public policy to address them. Finally, it will discuss the cause of and potential solutions to the global refugee crisis. (Given by the Department of Political Science and the Centre for European, Russian and Eurasian Studies)



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