Fall/Winter Timetable

JPJ2046H1S L0101

Undergraduate Course Code: LAW243H1S L0101

Law, Institutions and Development


This seminar will examine the role of law and institutions in promoting development in less developed countries. The
topics that will be addressed include: competing conceptions of development: economic, political and social; theories of
economic growth; the New Institutional Economics; democracy and development; public administration and development;
competing theories of the role of law in development; ethnic diversity; corruption; land and property rights reform; infrastructure
and development; state-owned enterprises: privatization and reform; foreign investment and trade policy; and, the role of foreign
aid and international institutions in development.

Format and Requirements

Students will be required to write two to three page comments on selected readings for five of the classes (50%)
and a 15 page paper on an issue of their choosing (50%). Students who satisfy the Supervised Upper Year Research Paper
requirement through this course will be required to write a reduced number of comments (2).
Students may fulfill both the Supervised Upper Year Research Paper and Perspective paper requirements in this course.