Fall/Winter Timetable

JPJ2037H1F L0101

Undergraduate Course Code: LAW285H1F L0101

International Trade Regulation


This seminar will explore the regulatory framework governing international trading relations. It will begin with the economic theory of international trade and in particular the case for free trade, then examine the politics of trade policy and objections and sources of opposition to free trade. The following topics will be examined: international economic institutions, the Bretton Woods System, the GATT/WTO, NAFTA, international regulation of tariffs, national tariff administration, the principles of nondiscrimination (most favoured nation and national treatment) with a special focus on antidumping regulation, subsidies and countervailing duties, safeguards, adjustment assistance, trade and agriculture, trade in services, trade-related investment measures, trade-related intellectual property rights, trade and health and safety, trade, labour and human rights standards, trade and the environment and trade and development.
The seminar will strongly emphasize the institutions and political economy of international trading relations and how economic and political forces have shaped current regulatory policies and may shape future policies.

Format and Requirements

Students will be required to write two to three page comments on selected readings for five of the classes (50%) and a 15 page paper on an issue of their choosing (50%). Students who satisfy the Supervised Upper Year Research Paper requirement through this course will be required to write a reduced number of comments (2). Students may fulfil both the Supervised Upper Year Research Paper and Perspective paper requirements in this course.