Fall/Winter Timetable


Canada's Health System and Health Policy - Part I


HAD 5010 (and HAD 5011, its counterpart for students in the research stream) is the first of two courses which develop and apply a policy analysis tool kit to critically analyze key issues and trends in Canada´s health care system. Course sections examine the current state of health care in Canada, the public-private mix, the roles of powerful interest groups, and the shift toward home and community care, paying particular attention to the ideas, interests, and institutions which have shaped the Canadian health care system in the past and which now shape its future.

After completing this courses, students will be able to:

* Identify and discuss major elements of Canada´s health care system
* Describe key issues and trends in health care and health policy
* Demonstrate a developed understanding of basic tools for policy analysis
* Apply these tools to analyze critically current issues and trends in Canada´s health care system

NOTE: This course is offered through the Department of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation. Please contact Professor Raisa Deber (raisa.deber@utoronto.ca) if you wish to enrol.