Fall/Winter Timetable

POL2233H1S L0101

Conflict and Conflict Management


This seminar examines the sources of conflict and the various methods of contemporary conflict management in the international system. This course focuses on organized conflict and violence, and the manner in which such conflict and violence impacts on the contemporary international system. The course opens with an empirical examination of the character of conflict and violence in contemporary international relations. What is revealed is that much of the literature and theory on interstate violence in international relations fails to assist in understanding conflict and violence in the current international system. The course goes in search of the analytic approaches that do explain contemporary intrastate conflict and propose effective management techniques. Many factors are identified that analysts and international practitioners have referenced to explain conflict and violence and the means of conflict management in the international system. The faculty presentations are followed by student presentations on contemporary conflict and conflict management situations. The course is interdisciplinary and considers theories and conflict management approaches from political science, economics, psychology, sociology and law.


All materials are electronic and can be downloaded from the classroom website.