Fall/Winter Timetable

POL2103H1S L5101

Undergraduate Course Code: POL491H1S L5101

Topics in Canadian Politics II

Canadian Political Behaviour


This course will examine several important questions in Canadian political behaviour. For example, how do individuals decide to vote or not to vote? What are the properties and effects of partisanship? What factors do individuals consider when deciding to vote? What role do the media and the economy play in Canadian political behaviour? And what determines the behaviour of Canadian legislators? The course will give students both a substantive overview of an important aspect of Canadian politics and an introductory overview to the study of political behaviour.


The course will principally make use of journal articles, though there will be a limited number of chapters assigned in a course pack.

Format and Requirements

The course will rely heavily on seminars and will feature minimal lecturing. Grading will rely principally on several reading reports and a final research paper.