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  • Canadian Government
  • Comparative Politics


  • B.A., University of British Columbia
  • M.Sc., London School of Economics and Political Science
  • Ph.D., London School of Economics and Political Science

David Cameron


Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada
Member of the Order of Canada


Interested in Canadian government and politics, particularly questions of federalism and Quebec nationalism. Interested in ethnocultural relations and in the politics and constitution-making of emerging federal countries. Author of Nationalism, Self-Determination and the Quebec Question; The Social Thought of Rousseau and Burke: A Comparative Study; Taking Stock: Canadian Studies in the 90’s, (ed.); The Referendum Papers: Essays on Secession and National Unity; Cycling Into Saigon: The Conservative Transition in Ontario (with Graham White); Disability and Federalism: Comparing Different Approaches to Full Participation (ed. With Fraser Valentine); Language Matters: How Canadian Voluntary Associations Manage French and English (ed. With Richard Simeon).

Research Interests

  • Canadian Politics
  • Canadian Government
  • Ethnocultural Relations
  • Federalism
  • Quebec Nationalism
  • Politics and Constitution-Making of Emerging Federal Countries

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