Grace Skogstad

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  • Comparative Politics
  • Public Policy
  • Canadian Government


  • B.A. (Hons.), University of Alberta
  • M.A., University of Alberta
  • Ph.D., University of British Columbia

Grace Skogstad

Chair, Department of Political Science, University of Toronto at Scarborough


Research interests and publications focus on comparative public policy, and, in particular, agricultural, biofuels, food and plant biotechnology policies; the role of international institutions in regulating transatlantic trade disputes; Canadian federalism and intergovernmental relations; policy networks and governance; and internationalization and governance. She is the author of The Politics of Canadian Agricultural Policy (1987) and Internationalization and Canadian Agriculture: Policy and Governing Paradigms (2008); the editor of Policy Paradigms, Transnationalism and Domestic Politics (2011); and co-editor of Agricultural Trade: Domestic and International Tensions (1990); Policy Communities and Public Policy in Canada (1990); Canadian Federalism: Performance, Effectiveness and Legitimacy (2002, 2007, 2012); The Common Agricultural Policy: Continuity and Change (2009); and The Global Promise of Federalism (2013). In addition, she has published over seventy journal articles and book chapters.

Research Interests

  • Comparative Public Policy
  • Agricultural, Food and Plant Biotechnology Policies
  • Role of International Institutions in Regulating Transatlantic Trade Disputes
  • Canadian Federalism and Intergovernmental Relations
  • Policy Networks and Governance
  • Internationalization and Governance

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