Canadian Federalism: Performance, Effectiveness, and Legitimacy, Third Edition

Contributed by some of Canada’s leading political scientists, the 18 original essays of this well-respected collection present an accessible, rigorous, and balanced assessment of Canadian federalism today. New chapters on regionalism, Quebec, and immigration complement updated examinations of such topics as fiscal federalism, the party system, Aboriginal politics, the urban agenda, and environmental policy, making this comprehensive and up-to-date volume an ideal introduction to Canadian federalism in the current political context.

Readership: Canadian Federalism: Performance, Effectiveness, and Legitimacy, third edition, is a contributed volume that can be used as a core or supplemental text. It is targeted at Canadian Federalism courses offered at the second-, third-, and fourth-year levels at colleges and universities, but it may also be used as a supplement for courses in public policy and administration.

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