Richard Sandbrook

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SS 3063

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  • MESc, Carleton University
  • M.A., University of Toronto
  • D. Phil., University of Sussex

Richard Sandbrook

Professor Emeritus
Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada


Research interests include the democratic left in the global South; the politics and prospects of counter-hegemonic globalization; and neo-Polanyian political economy. Recent books include: Social Democracy in the Global Periphery: Origins, Challenges, Origins (co-author, 2007); Civilizing Globalization: A Survival Guide (revised and expanded edition, co-editor-2014), and Reinventing the Left in the Global South: The Politics of the Possible (2014). He is currently president of Science for Peace.

Research Interests

  • Development Strategies of the Left in the Global South
  • Evolution and Politics of the Neoliberal Development Paradigm
  • Counter-Hegemonic Globalization

Recent Publications