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  • MESc, McMaster University
  • M.A., McMaster University
  • Ph.D., Duke University

Neil Nevitte

Professor Emeritus
Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada


Research interests: public opinion and political participation. Co-investigator of the 2004, 2000, 1997 and 1993 Canadian Election Studies, and principal investigator of the Canadian segment of the World Values Surveys. Recent publications include: A Question of Ethics: Canadians Speak Out (2006); Citizens: A Democratic Audit (2004); Anatomy of a Liberal Victory (2002); Unsteady State: The 1997 Canadian Federal Election (2000); Political Value Change in Western Democracies (1997); The Decline of Deference (1996); The Challenge of Direct Democracy (1996); The North American Trajectory (1996).

Research Interests

  • Public Opinion
  • Political Participation

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