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  • B.A., University of Western Ontario
  • M.A., Queen's University
  • Ph.D., Queen's University

Elizabeth McCallion

Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream


Elizabeth McCallion researches Canadian politics, with a particular focus on parliament and gendered representation. She is interested in understanding how the formal and informal rules of parliament condition and constrain the behaviour of legislators there, and additionally, whether the rules are gendered and how they produce gendered outcomes. Her current work focuses on representational behaviour in the Canadian Senate, emotional affect in Senate committees, and the gender of committee witnesses in the House of Commons. Her upcoming project examines the intersectional representation of race/Indigeneity and gender in the House of Commons. She has recently been the Canadian Study of Parliament Group’s doctoral fellow, and her research has appeared in the Canadian Journal of Political Science and Representation. For more, see www.elizabethmccallion.com

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