Rebecca  E. Kingston

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SS 3117

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  • Political Theory


  • B.A. (Hons.), University of Toronto
  • M.A., l'Université de Paris- IV Sorbonne
  • Ph.D., McGill University

Rebecca E. Kingston

Undergraduate Director and Associate Chair


Research interests include the history of political thought and French political thought. She is author of Public Passion. Rethinking the Grounds for Political Justice (2011), Montesquieu and the Parlement of Bordeaux (1996), and she has edited several volumes as well as published numerous articles in the history of political thought. She is now working on a book entitled Plutarch’s Prism exploring the legacy of this classical thinker in the development of European political thought. She is Life Fellow at Clare Hall, University of Cambridge and recent holder of the RBC Oxford Bodleian Fellowship.

Research Interests

  • History of Political Thought
  • Eighteenth Century French Political Thought

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