Connor Ewing

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Area Group(s)

  • Comparative Politics
  • Political Theory


  • B.A., University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • A.M., University of Chicago
  • Ph.D., University of Texas

Connor Ewing

Assistant Professor


Research interests: constitutional theory, law, and development; American political thought; American political development; federalism; political institutions; comparative constitutional law and design. Publications include: “With Dignity and Justice for All: The Jurisprudence of ‘Equal Dignity’ and the Partial Convergence of Liberty and Equality in American Constitutional Law,” International Journal of Constitutional Law (forthcoming); “The Promises and Pathologies of Presidential Federalism,” Presidential Studies Quarterly (forthcoming); “Structure and Relationship in American Federalism: Foundations, Consequences, and ‘Basic Principles’ Revisited,” Tulsa Law Review (2016); and chapters in multiple edited volumes.