Carolina de Miguel Moyer

Curriculum Vitae

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Area Group(s)

  • Comparative Politics


  • Ph.D., University of Michigan
  • M.A., University of Michigan
  • MESc, Universitat Pompeu Fabra

Carolina de Miguel Moyer

Assistant Professor


Carolina de Miguel is assistant professor of Political Science at the University of Toronto. Her research interests lie in comparative politics with an emphasis in the comparative study of political parties and party systems, elections and electoral behavior, the politics of federalism and decentralization, and political geography. Carolina’s current book project explores how the geographic concentration of economic interests in a country affects the likelihood that candidates and parties will focus on territorial constituencies, and how that in turn affects the party system. She is also researching electoral behavior in competitive authoritarian regimes in the Middle East. She teaches courses on European and European Union politics, the politics of federalism in comparative perspective, and parties and party systems in comparative perspective.

Research Interests

  • Political parties and party systems
  • Electoral Behavior
  • Federalism and decentralization
  • European and EU Politics

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