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  • B.Sc., McGill University
  • MESc, University of Oxford
  • LL.B., University of Toronto
  • LL.M., Harvard University

Sujit Choudhry

Associate Professor


Scholl Chair. Primary research interests include constitutional law and theory. Editor of Constitutional Design for Divided Societies (OUP); The Migration of Constitutional Ideas (CUP), and Dilemmas of Solidarity: Rethinking Redistribution in the Canadian Federation (UTP). Articles and book chapters include: ” ‘He had a mandate’: The South African Constitutional Court and the African National Congress in a Dominant Party Democracy”; “Federalism, Secession & Devolution: From Classical to Post-Conflict Federalism”; “How To Do Comparative Constitutional Law in India: Naz Foundation, Same Sex Rights, and Dialogical Interpretation”; “After the Rights Revolution: Bills of Rights in the Post-Conflict State” “Constitutional Politics and Constitutional Reform in Sri Lanka: Process before Substance?”, “Managing Linguistic Nationalism through Constitutional Design: Lessons from South Asia”, “Bills of Rights as Instruments of Nation-Building in Multinational States: the Canadian Charter and Quebec Nationalism”, “Bridging Comparative Politics and Comparative Constitutional Law: Constitutional Design for Divided Societies”, “Ackerman’s Higher Lawmaking in Comparative Constitutional Perspective: Constitutional Moments as Constitutional Failures?”, “Does the World Need More Canada? The Politics of the Canadian Model in Constitutional Politics and Political Theory”, “Migration as a New Metaphor in Comparative Constitutional Law”, “The Lochner Era and Comparative Constitutionalism”, “National Minorities and Ethnic Immigrants: Liberalism’s Political Sociology”, “Constitutional Theory and the Quebec Secession Reference”, and “Globalization in Search of Justification: Toward a Theory of Comparative Constitutional Interpretation”.