Aurel Braun

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DV 3275

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  • International Relations
  • Comparative Politics


  • MESc, University of Toronto
  • M.A., University of Toronto
  • Ph.D., London School of Economics and Political Science

Aurel Braun



Research interests: international politics, particularly strategic studies; Russian and East European politics; international law. Publications include: NATO-Russia Relations in the Twenty-First Century (2009) (editor and contributor); Romanian Foreign Policy Since 1965: The Political and Military Limits of Autonomy (1978); Ceausescu: the Problems of Power (1980); Small-State Security in the Balkans (1983); The Middle East in Global Strategy (1987) (editor and contributor); The Soviet East-European Relationship in the Gorbachev Era (1990) (editor and contributor); The Extreme Right: Freedom and Security at Risk (1996) (coeditor and contributor of 5 chapters); Dilemmas of Transition (1999) (coeditor and contributor of 2 chapters). He has contributed scores of articles and chapters in leading journals and edited volumes. The latest Chapter, is “NATO as the Necessary Pillar of 21st Century Global Security” (2021).

Research Interests

  • International Politics: Strategic Studies
  • Russian and East European Politics

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