Featured Alumni

Mark Lloyd

Mark Lloyd came to the Department of Political Science in 1991, and worked with Clifford Orwin and Thomas L. Pangle, before completing his PhD in 1999. Following his PhD and while working as an Assistant Professor, Mark decided to pursue an alternative career path and today Mark is an Investment Advisor & Associate Portfolio Manager for RBC Wealth Management providing comprehensive wealth management primarily for two groups: corporate officers and high net worth families. Although not the usual path for political theorists, Mark believes in the value of a liberal arts education and feels that the training he received in Political Science provided him with the necessary tools to succeed in finance. Despite being selected to join the RBC Dominion Security Executive Council, an honour bestowed to top financial advisors, Mark’s proudest moment is co-founding the Alan Bloom Memorial Postdoc Fellowship with former alumni, Jason Hanson and Gary Clewley.