CPSA (Canadian Political Science Association) Prize shortlists 2024

May 10, 2024

Congratulations to all our faculty (and student!) who have been shortlisted for CPSA prizes:

Professor Emerita Sylvia Bashevkin was shortlisted for the Jill Vickers prize which is awarded to the author of the best paper presented in English or French, at the 2024 conference on the topic of gender and politics. Student Anika Ganness was also shortlisted for the Jill Vickers prize.

Lynette Ong was shortlisted for the prize in comparative politics established to recognize the contribution of political scientists to the field of comparative politics.

Menaka Philip’s book The Liberalism Trap: John Stuart Mill and Customs of Interpretation, was shortlisted for the C.B. Macpherson prize.

Alison Smith was shortlisted for the prize for teaching excellence, established to recognize the contributions of political scientists to excellence in teaching and student learning.

Professor Emeritus Graham White was shortlisted for the Donald Smiley prize for his book We Are in Charge Here. This award is given to the author of the best book published in English or French in a field relating to the study of government and politics in Canada.

Winners will be announced at the 2024 CPSA conference on June 13. Best of luck to all!

Photo: Alison Smith