Exploring Violence and Peace in Divided Societies

April 6, 2015

Several of the Department’s faculty members will be acting as discussants for the Munk School’s upcoming workshop put on ‘Exploring Violence and Peace in Divided Societies’.

This workshop has been organized by Professor Jeffrey Kopstein and will take place April 13th at the Munk School for Global Affairs, Room 108 North.

The workshop will feature the following papers:

Social Divisions and War-Making: The US and the Vietnam and Iraq Wars
Presented by Yontan Freeman, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Discussant: Lee Ann Fujii, The University of Toronto

How Violent Non-State Actors Establish Critical Mass in Divided Societies: Hezbollah, Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, and Boko Haram
Presented by Daniel Sobleman, Harvard University
Discussant: Randall Hansen, The University of Toronto

Modelling Security Sector Elasticity in Changing Divided Societies
Dan Miodownik and Ariel Zellman, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Discussant: Edward Schatz The University of Toronto

State, Society and Security in Expanded States: Israel/Palestine and Lebanon
Oren Barak, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Cornell University
Discussant: Jacques Bertrand The University of Toronto

For a more detailed breakdown of the day’s events, please consult the event’s agenda here.