Alanna Krolikowski Awarded Sylvia Ostry Doctoral Fellowship in International Policy

January 9, 2012

Alanna Krolikowski, who is completing her doctoral dissertation in Political Science, has won the inaugural Sylvia Ostry Doctoral Fellowship in International Policy. She is also affiliated with the Asian Institute. The fellowship is supported by an endowment gift from Dr. Sylvia Ostry and her family. Administered by the Munk School of Global Affairs, the fellowship is designed to assist doctoral candidates who have finished their research, are beyond the guaranteed graduate student funding period, and are in the final few months of writing up their dissertations.

Alanna’s dissertation is entitled: China-U.S. relations in civil-commercial air and space: Specialist cultures and international orders in high-technology sectors. It addresses the question of why some technology sectors are transnationally integrated while others are sites of interstate competition through a comparison of China-U.S. relations since 1989 in two strategic high-technology sectors: civil-commercial aircraft manufacturing and civil-commercial space. Drawing on theory and research in science and technology studies, Krolikowski argues that sectoral specialist cultures account for the different outcomes, which have significant implications for international policy more generally. Data was gathered through 70 interviews with participants in the Chinese air and space sectors and 50 interviews in the United States. The dissertation is being supervised jointly by Professors Emanuel Adler and Joe Wong.