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  • B.A. (Hons.), University of Ottawa
  • B.A. (Hons.), University of Toronto
  • M.A.,
  • Ph.D. in progress, University of Toronto

Craig Damian Smith

Course Instructor


Craig’s doctoral research looks at irregular migration systems around Europe’s peripheries. Specifically, he investigates the relationship between the development of the European project and Europe’s interventions on irregular migration systems, and how these affect the security situation in transit states. In his final stages of his PhD, Craig’s research has involved several years of qualitative field work throughout North Africa, the Middle East, and Europe. His research mixes work with vulnerable populations and elite interviews, including several rounds of interviews with EU policymakers. Most recently he conducted six months of field work throughout the Western Balkans. In addition to his scholarly work Craig has provided commentary and opinion to the BBC World Service, Toronto Star, National Post, Ha’aretz, and a number of international media outlets.