Department Contacts

Chair, St. George and Graduate Chair
Professor Louis Pauly
Sidney Smith Hall 3019
416-978-6385   Email:

Chair, University of Toronto at Mississauga
Professor Edward Schatz
UTM, DV 3125
905-828-5229   Email:

Chair, University of Toronto at Scarborough
Professor Grace Skogstad
UTSC, MW 224
416-208-4756  Email:

Associate Chair and Undergraduate Director (St. George)
Professor Rodney Haddow
Sidney Smith Hall 3030
416-978-3342  Email:

Associate Chair and Graduate Director
Professor Ryan Balot
Sidney Smith Hall 3023
416-978-8493   Email:

MA Supervisor
Professor Victor Falkenheim
Sidney Smith Hall 3022
416-978-2381  Email:

TA Supervisor
Professor Jacques Bertrand
Sidney Smith Hall 3103
416-978-0338  Email:

PhD Placement Coordinators
Professor Peter Loewen
Sidney Smith Hall 3112
416-978-7047  Email:

Professor Peggy Kohn
Sidney Smith Hall 3122
416-946-0182  Email:

Junior Faculty Advisor
Professor Sylvia Bashevkin
University College E102
416-978-3289  Email:

Department Manager
Julie Guzzo
Sidney Smith Hall 3015
416-978-3349    Email:

Assistant to the Chair and Graduate Chair
Sari Sherman
Sidney Smith Hall 3018
416-978-4725    Email:

Student, Alumni & Advancement Coordinator
Elizabeth Jagdeo
Sidney Smith Hall 3027
416-978-3340     Email:

Undergraduate Assistant
Lauren Parkes
Sidney Smith Hall 3032
416-978-6567     Email:

Undergraduate Advisor
Jamie Levin
Sidney Smith Hall 3049  Email:

Alumni, Advancement & Communications Assistant
Sidney Smith Hall 3018

Graduate Administrator
Carolynn Branton
Sidney Smith Hall 3026
416-978-7170     Email:

Graduate Secretary
Louis Tentsos
Sidney Smith Hall 3025
416-978-2017    Email:

Research Information, Financial & Payroll Officer
Michael Li
Sidney Smith Hall 3016

Mary-Alice Bailey
Sidney Smith Hall 3018