The University of Toronto is the leading Canadian university in the field of political science and has an internationally renowned faculty, so choosing to study there was a no-brainer. My experience as an undergraduate student in political science was amazing. I learned to develop my arguments and express them in a coherent and well-reasoned manner — an essential skill for anyone planning to pursue a career in fields related to politics. — Abouzar Nasirzadeh, Winner of the Jules and Elaine James Scholarship and the Suzanne and Edwin Goodman Prize. Completed an MA in international relations at the London School of Economics. Currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Political Science here at the University of Toronto.

Stephen Clarkson wins APSA Prize for “Does North America Exist?”

We are delighted to announce that Professor Stephen Clarkson is the co-recipient of the Seyomour Martin Lipset Award for best book on Canadian politics.  The award is offered by the Canadian Politics section of the American Political Science Association.  “Does North America Exist?: Governing the Continent After NAFTA and 9/11″ (2008) is the middle book in a trilogy devoted to understanding North America’s post Cold War evolution.  Rigorously framed, meticulously researched and powerfully argued, “Does North America Exist?” has already become essential reading for scholars and citizens alike who want to understand whether the continent containing the world’s most powerful nation is holding its own as a global region.

Professor Clarkson shares this year’s Lipset Prize with U of T graduate and McMaster professor Janet Ajzenstat for her book “The Canadian Founding” (2007).  To complete this virtuous circle, we note that Janet’s PhD supervisor, Peter Russell, will receive the Mildred Schwartz Award for his lifetime achievement in Canadian political science at the same APSA meetings in late August.  If you are going to New Orleans, please try to attend the awards ceremony, which forms part of the Canadian Politics Section business meeting:  Friday, August 31, 6:15-7:15 p.m., in Salon 820 of the Sheraton New Orleans.

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