The Political Theory Research Workshop

The Political Theory Research Workshop (PTRW) is a forum for the presentation of research in political theory and political philosophy by advanced graduate students and faculty in the Department of Political Science, University of Toronto. Specifically, the PTRW seeks to:

  • provide an amenable, and yet scholarly-oriented, venue for graduate students to present their research proposals and/or dissertation chapters. Nevertheless, presentations on projects other than doctoral theses are also encouraged.
  • advance scholarly interaction and collaboration amongst graduate students and faculty members.
  • promote the study, research and publishing in political theory and other interdisciplinary forms.

The Workshop welcomes work in all areas of political theory and aims to present research representing diverse methodological, philosophical and interpretive approaches as well as historical periods of political thought.

The PTRW meets on select Fridays from 3:00-4:30pm. The Workshops are kindly hosted and are sponsored by the Department of Political Science.

Papers are password protected. To get access to them please contact Victor at v.bruzzone@mail.utoronto.ca 

Your conveners,

Kavita Reddy, Mary Jo Macdonald, and Victor Bruzzone