Fall/Winter Timetable

POL443H1F L0101

Graduate Course Code: POL2322H1F L0101

Topics in Comparative Politics II

Race and Violence


This course examines the intersection between race and violence. The course defines race broadly to include any social identity that becomes the basis for mobilizing others to join in collective violence. We will be reading book-length studies about specific cases, including lynchings in the US and mass killings in Bosnia and Rwanda. We will also be drawing heavily from the theoretical literatures on race and collective violence in order to apply different theoretical lenses to the case studies.



Format and Requirements

The format is discussion based. There are no lectures. I expect all students to keep up with the readings so that everyone can contribute to class discussions. To start off each class, one or two students will give a brief (7-10 minutes) but formal presentation on the assigned readings for that week.


2.0 POL credits in Comparative Politics. See Department's website for POL courses by area group. http://politics.utoronto.ca/undergraduate/courses/fallwinter-timetable