Fall/Winter Timetable

POL337Y1Y L5101

The Canadian Constitution


A comprehensive examination of the main philosophical, political, and legal issues relating to Canada's constitution. Among the issues the course examines are: the moral foundations, historical events, political forces and legal ideals that have shaped the constitution; fundamentals of federalism and the separation of powers in Canada; the roots and legacies of the Constitution Act 1867, and the Constitution Act 1982; the politics of constitutional reform; judicial interpretation of the constitution in general, and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms in particular; “differentiated citizenship” and the Canadian constitution; rights jurisprudence and social change; and the judicialization of politics in present-day Canada. Throughout the course, the Canadian constitution will be examined through a comparative perspective, emphasizing Canada's unique constitutional legacy while also attempting to put the series of dramatic constitutional events which have taken place in Canada over the past decades in a broader context of similar developments which have taken place in other polities.



Format and Requirements

One two-hour lecture per week. Course requirements TBA.


POL214Y1 or POL214Y5 or POLB50Y3 or POL224Y1