Fall/Winter Timetable

JHP304Y1Y L0101

Ukraine: Politics, Economy and Society


This is a year long survey course tracing the history of Ukraine from earliest times to the present. The format will follow two hour long lectures per week. Introductory lectures will treat the concept of national or territorial history as a cultural phenomenon, followed by a chronological survey of the region's development. Among the topics to be considered are: Kievan Rus' (ninth to thirteenth centuries); the Mongol impact; Lithuanian-Polish-Crimean period; Orthodox revival; the Cossack state; national awakening under Austrian and Russian rule; post World War I statehood; interwar Poland and Soviet Ukraine; World War II to independent statehood. Within each of these periods, political, socio economic and cultural factors will be considered to the degree that they had a determining impact upon the historical process. Much attention will also be given to the developments among non-ethnic Ukrainians living on Ukrainian territory, especially Jews, Poles, Tatars, Germans, and Russians. (Given by the Departments of Political Science and History)

As this course is designed as an introductory course, the professor welcomes first- and second-year students.



Format and Requirements

Two one-hour seminar per week. Course requirements TBA.