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Wilson Prichard

van den Boogaard, Vanessa


Non-state Taxation, Accountability, and State-Citizen Relations in Weak States: Evidence from Sierra Leone and the Democratic Republic of the Congo


Vanessa van den Boogaard is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Political Science at the University of Toronto. Her research examines the relationships between taxation, development, and state building in Sierra Leone and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). She holds a Master of Global Affairs, and has worked for the Institute of Development Studies, the Open Society Foundation, the Danish Refugee Council, the International Centre for Tax and Development, and the World Bank. She has led multi-method research projects in Sierra Leone, the DRC, Ghana, and Somalia, and currently serves as an Advisor to the Tax and Gender Program at the Institute of Development Studies and as a Lecturer for the African Tax Research Network.


van den Boogaard, V. (2017) “Modern post-colonial approaches to citizenship: Kwame Nkrumah’s political thought on Pan-Africanism.” Citizenship Studies 21(1): 44-67.

Prichard, W. and V. van den Boogaard (2017). “Norms, power and the socially embedded realities of market taxation in northern Ghana.” African Studies Review 60(1): 171-194.

van den Boogaard, V., S. Jibao, S. and W. Prichard (2017). “Informal taxation in post conflict Sierra Leone.” ICTD Working Paper 66. Brighton, UK: ICTD.

van den Boogaard, V., W. Prichard, N. Milicic, and M. Benson (2016). “Revenue mobilization in Conflict-Affected Developing Countries.” United Nations University World Institute for Development Economics Research Working Paper Series. Helsinki, Finland: United Nations University.

van den Boogaard, V. and W. Prichard (2016). “Informal Taxation in sub-Saharan Africa: A Synthesis.” International Centre for Tax and Development Briefing. Sussex, UK: ICTD.

Research Interests

Political economy of development, taxation and fiscal policy, informality and institutional development, state building

Previous Degrees

Master of Global Affairs 2012
BA (International Relations) 2010

Teaching Experience

TA (2015, 2016), Munk School of Global Affairs GLA1004 (Global Policy Analysis)

Lecturer (2015), African Tax Administration Forum intensive seminar on Research Methods