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Shoikhedbrod, Igor


Rights Discourse and Economic Inequality: Thinking Beyond Free and Equal Persons.


Igor Shoikhedbrod specializes in political theory and development. Igor’s research interests cut across themes in critical political thought, legal theory, and political economy. His research project is concerned with the problems of economic inequality and domination in liberal democratic societies and their implications for discourses surrounding rights, distributive justice, and emancipation. Igor has parallel research interests in the social and political thought of Hegel, Marx, and Lukacs.

Igor received his M.A in Political Science from York University, and he holds a B.A from the University of Toronto with a concentration in Ethics, Society, and Law, Political Science, and Philosophy. His doctoral research has been supported by the Ontario Graduate Scholarship.


‘Uncovering the Latent Disunity of Property Law?’ in Critical Analysis of Law: An International and Interdisciplinary Law Review, 1:2.

‘Political Philosophy’, (with Keith Hyams) in Oxford Bibliographies Online: Philosophy, ed. Duncan Pritchard (New York: Oxford University Press, 2011).

Research Interests

Rights and economic inequality; liberalism and its critics; critical theory, legal theory; the social and political thought of Hegel, Marx, and Lukacs;
critical political economy; history of economic thought.

Previous Degrees

B.A (University of Toronto), M.A (Political Science, York University).

Teaching Experience

Teaching Experience: Co-instructor for POL320Y1: Modern Political Thought, Summer 2015, St. George Campus.