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Pue, Kristen


Government-Nonprofit Contracting Relations: Explaining Variation in the Expansiveness of Social Welfare and Nonprofit Voice


Kristen Pue is a Political Science PhD candidate at the University of Toronto. Her dissertation is on the “nonprofitization” of the welfare state in Canada, the United Kingdom, and France. Kristen holds a SSHRC CGS Doctoral Scholarship, a Lupina Foundation Research Fellowship in social innovation, and a 2017 UTAA Graduate Scholarship. She has researched and written on: transnational advocacy, environmental governance, international trade, social innovation, and Canadian constitutional law and politics. Prior to beginning doctoral studies Kristen completed a Master of Global Affairs (2014) at the University of Toronto and a B.A. (Honours) in Political Science (2012) at the University of Alberta.


Trebilcock, Michael and Pue, Kristen. (2015). The Puzzle of Agricultural Exceptionalism in International Trade Policy. Journal of International Economic Law 18(2), 233-260.

Kramarz, Teresa, Donato-Woodger, Ben, and Pue, Kristen. (2014). Accountability in Global Environmental Governance – Workshop Report 2014. Earth System Governance June 2014.

Pue, Kristen. (February 2017). Social Impact Bonds: Reflecting on Emerging Global Practice. The Philanthropist.

Research Interests

Political economy; the welfare state; welfare pluralism; philanthropy; the nonprofit sector; inequality; the future of work; non-state governance; Canadian politics; transnational advocacy; global environmental governance; global commodity governance; private refugee sponsorship; international trade.

Previous Degrees

B.A. (Hon.) in Political Science (University of Alberta 2012);
Master of Global Affairs (University of Toronto 2014)

Teaching Experience

Teaching Assistant for: GLA2000Y (Capstone Seminar), 2014-2015, 2015-2016; POL 208/POL B80 (Introduction to IR), 2014-2015, Summer 2017; and PCJ 460 (On the Causes of War), 2013-2014. Guest lectures: “The Institutional Peace”, November 2013, PCJ 460 (Invited by Seva Gunitsky); “Social Innovation: Explaining its Rise, Meanings, and Implications”, 15 March 2017, GLA1011H (Invited by Dan Breznitz and Darius Ornston).