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Kwok, Chi


Workplace Control: A Democratic Integrity Perspective


Chi Kwok is a PhD Candidate in the Department of Political Science at the University of Toronto. He specializes in political theory and comparative development studies. His doctoral research focuses on the normative implications of modern forms of workplace control and alternatives to traditional economic organizational structures. His work has appeared in international peer-review journals, such as, among others, Review of Social Economy, Space and Culture, Journal of Sex Research, and China Perspectives. In addition to his dissertation project, Chi is also working on a number of theoretical and empirical projects concerning social movement mobilization, the moral limits of political resistance under different political contexts, reconceptualization of the normative role of city as a unit of justice in sovereign states, and the politics of space. From 2015 to 2019, Chi served as a graduate associate at the Center for Critical Development Studies at University of Toronto Scarborough. In 2019, he was a visiting doctoral candidate at Normative Orders at Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany.



Journal Articles (Peer-reviewed) *Corresponding Author

Kwok, C*., & Chan, N. K. (Forthcoming). The making of contentious political space: The transformation of Victoria Park in Hong Kong. Space and Culture. [SSCI; 2018 impact factor: 0.800; 5-year impact factor: 1.053].

Kwok, C*. (Forthcoming). Work autonomy and workplace democracy: The polarization of the goods of work autonomy in the two worlds of work. Review of Social Economy. Online first. doi: 10.1080/00346764.2019.1690671

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Kwok, C*., & Chan, N. K. (2017). Legitimacy and forced democratization in social movements: A case study of the Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong. China Perspectives, 2017/3, 7-16. doi: 10.4000/chinaperspectives.7375 [SSCI] [Also available in French: Légitimité et démocratisation forcée dans les mouvements sociaux: Une étude de cas du mouvement des parapluies à Hong Kong. perspectives chinoises, 2017/3, 7-17].

Kwok, C*. (2013). On Dworkin’s equality of resources: A narrow conception of equality and the undesirable social imagination. Civilitas, 5, 3-19 [ISSN 2079-3952].

Kwok, C*. (2013). Unencumbered autonomy: On the Razian conception of personal autonomy (in Chinese). Civilitas, 5, 84-97 [ISSN 2079-3952].

Book Chapter

Kwok, C. (2020). Dissent, tolerance and solidarity in decentralized social movements (in Chinese). In Initium Media. (Ed.), Storm in Hong Kong 2019. Taipei: SpringHill Publishing.

Book Review

Kwok, C. (2019) Against the Current: Review of Global Justice and Universal Values by K.W. Ip and S.M. Tsang (in Chinese). The Twenty-first Century, 173, 150-158.

Kwok, C. (2019) Review of Media and protest logics in the digital era: The Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong by Francis L.F. Lee and Joseph M. Chan. Hong Kong Studies, 2(1), 1-5.

Other Publications

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Research Interests

Democratic Theory; Workplace Justice Workplace Democracy; Organizational Theory; Social Justice; Social Movement; Politics of Space.


Previous Degrees

M.A. (University of Toronto)

B.Soc.Sc (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)


Teaching Experience

University of Toronto (Department of Political Science):

  1. POL101 Power and Politics (Teaching Assistant)
  2. POLB72 Introduction to Political Theory (Teaching Assistant)
  3. POLC71 Political Thought: Rights, Revolution and Resistance (Teaching Assistant)
  4. POL113 Ideas and Ideologies (Teaching Assistant)
  5. JPS315 Sexual Diversity Politics (Teaching Assistant)

Hong Kong Baptist University (Department of Religion and Philosophy)

  1. GCVM1036 Human Rights in a Multicultural World (Instructor)
  2. GFVM1005 Ethical Controversies in Hong Kong Today (Instructor)


UOW College Hong Kong (Faculty of Social Sciences)

  1. CGE14411 Critical Thinking (Instructor)
  2. DSS10601 Critical Thinking and Problem Solving (Teaching Assistant)

University of Hong Kong (Department of Social Work and Social Administration)

  1. CCCH9013 Love, Marriage and Sex in Modern China (Teaching Assistant)
  2. CCCH9014 Social Development Challenges in China (Teaching Assistant)
  3. CCCH9015 Population, Society and Sustainable Development in Hong Kong (Teaching Assistant)
  4. CCCH9023 Family and Development in Modern China (Teaching Assistant)

The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Department of Government and Public Administration)

  1. GPAD1095 Issues in Political Philosophy (Teaching Assistant)