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Articulating the Rule of Law: Coalition and collision of the bar and bench


Ching-Fang Hsu is a doctorate candidate in political science at the University of Toronto. She received her LL.B from National Taiwan University, LL.M from UC Berkeley, and M.A. from the University of Chicago. Trained as a lawyer and social scientist, she works in the interdisciplinary area between political science and law, focusing on the politics of judicial institutions and legal actors in various power settings.

Ching-Fang’s dissertation project investigates the internal politics between legal professions in Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan, and the impact on the rule of law development. She has conducted field research in Asia as a visiting fellow at the Centre of Chinese Law at the University of Hong Kong, and a visiting researcher at the Centre for Asian Legal Studies at National University of Singapore. Her work has been published on policy forums in Taiwan, Hong Kong and the U.S., including the Initium Media, The Reporter, and the Ketagalan media.


Forthcoming, “The Currency Exchanger: Taiwanese Public Interest Lawyers in the 21st Century.” UCLA Pacific Basin Law Journal, Special Issue Fall 2018.

Forthcoming, “The Political Origins of Professional Identity: Lawyers, Judges and Prosecutors in Taiwan’s State Transformation.” Asian Journal of Law and Society. (Best Graduate Student Article Award 2018, Asian Law and Society Association)

2017, Book Review on Lost in China? Law, Culture and Identity in Post-1997 Hong Kong By Carol A.G. Jones.” Asian Journal of Law and Society, 4(1): 279-281.

2016, “An Inter-court Struggle for Judicial Supremacy.” University of Pennsylvania East Asia Law Review, 11: 294-335. (Chien-chih Lin and Ching-Fang Hsu)

2016, “Citizens in Action, the Internet Generation and the Future of Taiwan Studies.” (in Chinese.) in Crossing Disciplines and Generations: Twenty years of North American Taiwan Studies Association, edited by Mei-ling Pan et al. (Ching-Fang Hsu, Feng-en Tu and Eric Siu-kei Cheng)


Working Papers

“Law as a Sword, Law as a Shield: Politically Liberal Lawyers and the Rule of Law in China.” China Perspectives. (with Sida Liu and Terence Halliday)

“Localization and Politicization: Lawyers in Taiwan and Hong Kong 1980s-2010s.” in Lawyers in Society 30 Years On, edited by Richard Abel et al.

“A Hub, a Knot, and a Power House: Legal Aid Foundation and Access to Justice in Taiwan.” in Lawyers and Access to Justice: Challenging Pro Bono, edited by Helena Whalen-Bridge. (with Yong-Chin Tsai)

Research Interests

Judicial politics, rule of law, legal profession, authoritarianism and democratization

Previous Degrees

LLM (’13, UC Berkeley); MA, Social Science (’12, University of Chicago); LLB (’09, National Taiwan University)