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Hamilton, Matthew


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Matthew Hamilton’s work brings an interdisciplinary approach to the study of political theory, which spans the study of bureaucracy and institutions (M.P.A, Public Policy PhD minor field) modern philosophy (post-Kantian continental), cultural studies, comparative literature, and art history. In 2010 Matthew completed an MA Thesis at Trent University on the work of Pierre Bourdieu and Jacques Rancière that earned him the President’s Medal as top graduating student in Arts and Humanities. Developing out of his interest in reason, aesthetics and politics, his PhD dissertation seeks to analyze and evaluate competing approaches to renew or redefine critical social and political theory, in particular the question of what constitutes the point of departure for modern critical theory: the affirmation of difference, creativity and equality or critical responses to suffering and dependency. In addition to his PhD dissertation, Matthew has recently presented writings on the thought of Gilles Deleuze, Jacques Rancière, Theodor Adorno, Stanley Cavell and Cornelius Castoriadis.

Matthew has received multiple OGS grants, and received a SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship in 2014. He will be leading his first course, Modern Political Thought, in the summer of 2016.

Research Interests

Aesthetics, Critical Theory, Post-structuralism, Continental Philosophy, Enlightenment Reason and Modernity

Previous Degrees

B.A. (Hons), Politics, University of Winnipeg (2006)
M.P.A., University of Manitoba (2007)
M.A. Theory, Culture and Politics, Trent University (2010)

Teaching Experience

TA: 2005-2016 (Political Theory, Public Administration, American Politics)
Course Instructor: 2016 (upcoming), POL320 Modern Political Thought