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Greve, Patricia


Identities and Expectations: On the Maintenance of Security Communities


“Patricia Greve is a Ph.D. candidate in International Relations (with a minor in Comparative Politics) in the Department of Political Science at the University of Toronto.

Her main research interests lie in IR theory, security studies, and the sociology of the field of IR. Her dissertation research investigates the role of ontological security and changing expectations in the maintenance of security communities, with an empirical focus on German-American relations.
Another research project (together with Teresa Kramarz) examines differences in what counts as international politics as reflected in publication patterns in leading IR journals over the last 25 years.

Patricia’s research has been supported by an Ontario Graduate Scholarship and by the Joint Initiative for German and European Studies at the University of Toronto.”


“Ontological Security, the Struggle for Recognition, and the Maintenance of Security Communities,” Journal of International Relations and Development (2017).

(together with Emanuel Adler) “When Security Community Meets Balance of Power: Overlapping Regional Mechanisms of Security Governance,” Review of International Studies 35 (2009): 59-84.

Neokonservative Ideen und Akteure und die Außenpolitik der Regierung George W. Bush 2001-2004 [Neoconservative Ideas and Actors and Foreign Policy in the Administration of George W. Bush, 2001-2004] (Marburg: Tectum, 2005).

Research Interests

International Relations Theory; International Security; Constructivism; Security Communities; Ontological Security; Identity; Transatlantic Relations; Sociology of Knowledge.

Previous Degrees

M.A., Political Science and History, University of Hamburg

Teaching Experience

Trinity College in the University of Toronto
Academic Don (Tutor) for Political Science and International Relations (2007-2010)

Department of Political Science, University of Toronto
– Teaching Assistant for POL208: Introduction to International Relations (Thomas Tieku) (Summer 2013)
– Teaching Assistant for POL326: U.S. Foreign Policy (Arnd Jürgensen) (2007-2012)
– Teaching Assistant for POL327: Comparative Foreign Policy (Arnd Jürgensen) (Summer 2012)
– Teaching Assistant for POL208: Introduction to International Relations (Lilach Gilady) (2006-2007 and 2012-2013)
– Teaching Assistant for POL203: U.S. Politics and Government (Mark Lippincott) (2005-2006)
– Teaching Assistant for TRIN151: Global Governance (Louis W. Pauly) (2005-2006)