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Gavin, Michael


Politics and Financial Safety Nets in Emerging Market Economies


Michael Gavin is a PhD Candidate studying the international political economy of finance from an emerging market economy perspective. He holds Masters degrees in Political Science from Carleton University (2011) and in Economics from The University of British Columbia (2005). Michael’s dissertation uses formal, quantitative, and case study methods to explain why and how emerging market economies, with an eye towards domestic financial stability, are able to treat financial risk as a good to be redistributed among domestic actors. Prior to his current studies Michael held positions at the Royal Bank of Canada and the Government of Canada.


Jean-Thomas Bernard, Gavin, Michael, Khalaf, Lynda, and Voia, Marcel (2015). “The Environmental Kuznets Curve: Tipping Points, Uncertainty, and Weak Identification,” Environmental & Resource Economics, 60(2), pp. 285-315.

Research Interests

International Political Economy, International Relations, Comparative Political Economy, Central Bank Politics, Financial Regulation, Global Risk Management, Turkish Politics, Mexican Politics.

Previous Degrees

MA (Political Science) – Carleton University (2011)
MA (Economics) – The University of British Columbia (2005)
BA (Hons) – The University of Western Ontario (2004)