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Davidson, Adrienne


Experimenting with Federalism: Modern Land Claims and the Politics of Resource Development in the United States and Canada.


Adrienne Davidson is a doctoral candidate (ABD) in the Department of Political Science at the University of Toronto. Ms. Davidson’s dissertation research focuses on policy experimentation in two federal systems, tracing the political implications of modern land claims in northern Canada and the United States. The research argues that the venue through which policy layering occurs matters for both the types of institutions created, and the organization of political contestation in contemporary resource politics. The research explores how policy experiments interact with existing institutions to shape federal systems and political outcomes.

Ms. Davidson’s broader research interests include comparative public policy, federalism and intergovernmental relations, approaches in qualitative methods, Aboriginal politics, and collaborative / cross-disciplinary policy research. Ms. Davidson teaches in Canadian politics, public policy, and Canadian federalism.


Alcantara, Christopher, and Adrienne Davidson. 2015. “Negotiating Aboriginal Self-Government in Canada: An Analysis of the Inuvialuit Experience,” Canadian Journal of Political Science, 48(3): 553-575. [Peer Reviewed]

Winner of the 2016 John McMenemy Prize for the best paper in Volume 48 of CJPS.

Davidson, Adrienne. 2015. “Regional Governance without Self-Government: Dynamism and Change in the North American Arctic,” Arctic Yearbook 2015: 68-85. [Peer Reviewed]

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Winegardner, Amanda, Emma Hodgson and Adrienne Davidson. 2015. “Reductions in Federal Oversight of Aquatic Systems in Canada: Implications of the new Navigation Protection Act,” Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, 72: 602-611. [Peer Reviewed]

Davidson, Adrienne, and Erin Riley. 2010. “International Practices in Small Grant Programs for Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities.” Report for the World Bank Climate Investment Funds project.