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Bonin, Pierre-Olivier


Language Politics in Canada: A Comparative Study of Official Language Minority Activism in Québec and Ontario


Pierre-Olivier Bonin is a doctoral candidate (ABD) in the Department of Political Science at the University of Toronto. Mr. Bonin’s dissertation research focuses on the intersection between language and politics. It draws a comparison between the perspectives of two official language minority communities in Canada: the English-speaking community in the province of Québec and the Franco-Ontarian community. Through a mixed-methods strategy comprising semi-structured interviews, electronic surveys, and quantitative textual analysis, Mr. Bonin’s research uses social movement theories to explore and explain the perceptions and political attitudes of language activists.

Mr. Bonin’s research has been funded by a FRQSC and an OGS doctoral scholarships, and supported by the Centre for the Study of France and the Francophone World.


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Gérin-Lajoie, Diane., Max Antony-Newman, and Pierre-Olivier Bonin. 2015. “‘Language Maintenance and Students’ Identities in English Minority Language Schools in Québec.” In END 2015: International Conference on Education and New Developments: Proceedings, edited by Mafalda Carmo, 27-31. Lisbon: World Institute for Advanced Research and Science.

Research Interests

Canadian Politics, Language Policy, Public Policy, Mixed Methods, Public Opinion, and Quantitative Textual Analysis.

Previous Degrees

B.A. Political Science and Philosophy (Université de Montréal), Certificate in Law (Université de Montréal), M.A. Public and International Affairs (Université de Montréal) with specialization in Journalism and Communication

Teaching Experience

Mr. Bonin has teaching experience in Canadian politics and public opinion.